Trivia of linux

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rc (as in “.cshrc" or “/etc/rc") = “RunCom""rc" derives from “runcom", from the MIT CTSS system, ca. 1965.’There was a facility that would execute a bunch ofcommands stored in a file; it was called “runcom" for “runcommands", and the file began to be called “a runcom.""rc" in Unix is a fossil from that usage.’


You can find more in http://www.faqs.org/faqs/unix-faq/faq/part1/section-3.html (Unix – Frequently Asked Questions (1/7) [Frequent posting]Section – What does {some strange unix command name} stand for?)




internet connection on centos

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When I install centos 7, the internet connection was not working.


I have to use “sudo dhclient -r" or “sudo dhclient" to let it work.


Reference: http://askubuntu.com/questions/524455/how-can-i-reload-dhclient-without-restarting-network



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it helps…


最近在调试一个设计的时候,需要将chipscope抓到的数据进行分析,网上说有一个叫做GTKWave的开源软件可以查看chipscope到 处的VCD文件,所以就在网上找了一下,然后进行安装,但是安装之路并不是那么顺利,所以就记录下来,希望能给其它同学一些帮助。

1. 从http://gtkwave.sourceforge.net/ 上downlaod安装文件gtkwave-3.3.58.tar.gz。我安装的时候这个就是最近的版本。大家安装的时候版本号或许会不同。

2. 解压,然后按照网站上的User‘s guide进行安装。使用命令 ./configure,但是出错。

(1)checking for Tcl configuration… configure: error: Can’t find Tcl configuration definitions. Use –with-tcl to specify a directory containing tclConfig.sh

在网上找了搜了一下这个问题,有人提到需要安装tcl和tk这两个安装包。用yum search tcl和tck,找到tcl.x86_64和tk.86_64,进行安装,提示系统已经安装了tcl和tk。这个网站 http://amigabillprojects.wikispaces.com/GTKWave提示需要安装4.8版本的tcl和tk(其实应该是tcl8.4-dev和tk8.4-dev), 我当时没有注意,所以继续在网上搜,找到一个人提到可以用如下命令:./configure –prefix=/usr –with-tcl=/usr/lib/tcl8.5 –with-tk=/usr/lib/tk8.5,注意我用的是64位系统,所以把命令改为./configure –prefix=/usr –with-tcl=/usr/lib64/tcl8.5 –with-tk=/usr/lib64/tk8.5. 这是错误信息不一样了,checking for Tcl configuration… configure: error: /usr/lib64/tcl8.5 directory doesn’t contain tclConfig.sh。再查原来是要安装tcl-dev,使用yum安装tcl-devel.x86_64,yum install tcl-devel.x86_64。安装后使用configure,信息又提示checking for Tk configuration… configure: error: /usr/lib64/tk8.5 directory doesn’t contain tkConfig.sh, 但是tcl是ok了。同理安装tk-devel.x86_64。依然出错,checking for Tk configuration… configure: error: /usr/lib64/tk8.5 directory doesn’t contain tkConfig.sh。 我就到/usr/lib64/tk8.5下去查看,没有找到tkConfig.sh,但是在/usr/lib64下找到了,所以将命令改为. /configure –prefix=/usr –with-tcl=/usr/lib64/tcl8.5 –with-tk=/usr/lib64/运行即可。
(2)当使用./configure –prefix=/usr –with-tcl=/usr/lib64/tcl8.5 –with-tk=/usr/lib64/命令,有出现如下错误:
configure: error: Couldn’t find a usable gperf program.
Please install gperf which is available from
使用yum search gperf,找到gperf.x86_64,安装。
(3)还有错:configure: error: LZMA support for VZT is enabled, but xz could not be found.
Please install the xz-devel package, see the http://tukaani.org/xz website, or use the –disable-xz flag.
搜索yum search lzma,安装sudo yum install xz-devel.x86_64。
3. make
4. sudo make install
5. 使用gtkwave即可打开软件


xwin32 can’t pop out window

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Since yesterday, my laptop keep showing below message:

Xlib: connection to “″ refused by server
Xlib: Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

xterm Xt error: Can’t open display:


It doesn’t help even if I restart my laptop.


I start a terminal from cygwin and execute below commands:


  1. export DISPLAY=:0.0
  2. 再執行 xhost +

It helps and I don’t know why…


reference: https://yiingw.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/xlib-connection-to-0-0-refused-by-server/







good English songs * 10

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